Why We Need You


Education is the gift that lasts a lifetime. Caritas Kurunegala is there to make a huge difference in the lives of the students through the scholarship program and we assist them to keep their dreams afresh when facing financial crisis.

Physically challenged

The first ray of sun brings forth a new day fresh hopes, promise and prospects .Caritas Kurunegala aspires to bring a ray of hope into the lives of physically disabled entity of the society by striving for their integration into the main stream.

Medical Aid

A fresh breeze of hope all the way thorough our financial aids for the patients to live their lives when having economic struggles for curatives.

Care for Senior Citizens

They are in need of a sun to light their world and they are in need of a moon to see through the darkness. Caritas Kurunegala is there to help them with a bunch of consolations to soften the hardship of their tranquilly epoch.

Shelter for Needy

Together with the big-hearted benevolence of our benefactors we shoulder the immense responsibility of the eradication of poverty housing and give families a decent shelter and the hope of a better life.

Help for Preschool

We lay the foundation for the “Little child of Today” to become a “Good and Respectable Citizen of Tomorrow”. We drive a project on the Development of Pre-Schools to afford a sheltered, well organized and desirable atmosphere for the children in the direction of providing them a shine of a victorious tomorrow.

Stationeries for children

Though these little kids say goodbye to schools they still love schooling. We are there to stop the valediction from schools in childhood and provide all the pertinent stationeries to the students in need.

Emergency Needs

At times the calm ocean, the restful earth, the softly blowing wind will draw on against us. In such unexpected circumstances Caritas Kurunegala is there to help the people in need, all the way through our emergency services.

Sponsorship for Training Programs

The world is moving so fast. We are there to strengthen the community to face all the challenges and facilitate the community through sponsorships for awareness, capacity building, vocational training, career guidance along with an array of significant programs.


“We Shall Make Your Every Penny Be Counted In Everyone's Life.”

All contributions, however big or small, will be used for humanitarian service rendered by our organization, especially for the needy, the marginalized and the voiceless communities. We, the Social Arm of the Catholic Church in Kurunegala invite you all to shoulder the immense responsibility of enriching the lives of underrepresented, unprivileged and poor communities in the society all the way through your kind benevolence. Please do fill the form and forward to The Director Caritas – Kurunegala in order to make the first move of the donation process. If you have a particular area of preference or a cause you wish to support (eg. disaster relief, women’s empowerment, peace building, child rights, educational scholarships, safe migration etc.) please feel free to indicate such information when sending your donation.


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