Substantiation of Community Institutions for Sustainable Agriculture to Ensure Food Security

Funded by - Caritas Norway

Project Duration - Year 2013 – 2017


Project Goal - The elimination of hunger and reduction of poverty through agriculture.

Project in Brief - Food insecurity is a complex phenomenon that interacts with many other determinants of wellbeing. Its drivers are often inter-related, and its relationship with poverty, malnutrition and obesity is nuanced. Therefore, this project is aimed at Strengthen the Rural and Marginalised People’s Position in the district / diocese of Kurunegala - Sri Lanka, by promoting Organic Agricultural Farming methods. Commununity based food security has slowly by markedly improved during the past years. Approximately 800 families today are estimated to be experiencing the progress and improvement is evident across the diocese.

Expected Outcome – Food Security of 1500 Farmer households in the Kurunegala District safeguarded by the year 2017.