Funded By – The Roman Catholic Bishop of Kurunegala

Project Duration - On-going Project since 1990


Since 1990, “Janasetha” has implemented a Pre Schools Program in the District / Diocese of Kurunegala to cater to the very poor children who are unable to attend the Montessoris and Pre Schools conducted by various organizations and individuals, who charge exorbitant fees which the poor parents of the children cannot afford. Hence, this programme was launched as an ‘Entry Point to a village’ and as a ‘Child’s First Step towards Education, Society and Independence’.

Apart from gaining a primary education in moral, cultural and health habits, these children belonging to different religions and races are nurtured with love and care to grow-up in friendship and brotherhood in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. The Universal Children’s Day is commemorated by the children every year, where the parents are afforded the opportunity to witness the talents and achievements of their children in pre school activities.

A majority of the children who attend our village based pre schools suffer from malnutrition due to the poverty and ignorance of the parents. Hence, through the kind-hearted generosity of Our Lordship the Bishop of Kurunegala, we have implemented a Nutrition programme, whereby we provide the children with a cup of ‘Samaposha’ 02 days a week and a well balanced wholesome meal on the balance 03 days to make these malnourished children healthy, both mentally and physically. We are happy to note that this Nutrition Programme has helped these poor children immensely in their growth physically and has also acted as an incentive for them to attend school regularly.


  • Number of Pre Schools under our purview - 30
  • Number of Children - 775
  • Number of Trained Teachers - 36
  • Number of Teachers to be Trained - 06