Rehabilitation of Flood Victims in the Kurunegala District

Funded by - CARITAS - ROMA

Project Duration - Year 2013 to May 2014


During the latter part of Year 2012, torrential rains were experienced through-out Sri Lanka and a number of villages in the Kurunegala District faced the impact of this disastrous situation. The rising flood waters washed away the small wattle & daub houses and huts of the very poor families and landslides were experienced in the hilly areas, where damages occurred to most of the houses and ruined the livelihoods of the people. This fact was brought to our attention by the Parish Priests and Buddhist Priest in the areas. Individual appeals with recommendations from GS Officers were forwarded to us and we in turn visited these villages to ascertain the cost of the destruction.


Due to the urgency of the situation, emergency food items and subsidiaries were provided for these victims by other organizations, and a request was made by us to Caritas Roma for the construction of temporary shelters / repairs to damaged houses and for livelihood support. These were considered as emergency requisites, as a considerable number of families were perforce to find shelter in Schools, Churches & Temple premises. The congested living conditions with very limited privacy in these places are also a health hazard for the inhabitants. Therefore, we selected 50 most deserving families to provide assistance to complete repairs to their flood damaged houses and support them to commence their livelihood activities, which were found to be the need of the hour.